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Free Download Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

Download Free WordPress yoast seo premium Plugin 5.8.0 not Nulled, WordPress SEO Premium v5.8.0 by Yoast (Last Updated on 15th November 2017) [Yoast – WordPress SEO Premium 5.8.0 is well famous and well structured WP Plugin of all time.

Yoast SEO Premium v5.9.4 WordPress plugin will help you to Get more visitors from Google and Bing Attract more visitors from social media Increase your readers’ engagement. This plugin focus keywords option are the keywords you’d like your post or page to rank for in the search results. Yoast SEO plugin will check on your content to check whether you’re using the keywords often enough but not too often and in the right spots. Yoast Premium makes it really easy to seduce search engines.

Let me explain the most important features you’ll get, when you buy Yoast SEO Premium.

Redirects module

When you’re building out your site, you’re bound to run into cases where you’re deleting pages, moving pages, changing URLs for categories etc. All these changes can cause problems when you’re not properly redirecting the old URLs to new ones. In all these cases and more, our redirects module can help you fix those.

Internal linking

If you want to rank, you have to create content. High quality, relevant and informative content, about keywords you want to be found for. The more you have, the better. If you manage to create all this content, you might face other challenges though. How do you structure this content? How do you show Google which posts are related, and which are most important? That’s when our internal linking tool helps you out.

Social previews

Doesn’t it annoy you, when you share your blog post on Facebook and the wrong image appears? With Yoast SEO Premium you can check what your post will look like on Facebook or Twitter, without even going to these channels. While working on your post you can just go to the Yoast SEO meta box, upload the image you’d like to show, and make sure it will look fine:


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