How To Access A Locked Window Account


5 Ways To Access A Window Account Password

We’ve included five of what seem like the most approachable ways for resetting or recovering your Window Account password along with abridged instructions on how to execute them and some alternatives toward the end.

Before moving on, if you log into Windows with an online Microsoft account (offered as the default during setup since Windows 8), you can likely just reset it online at Microsoft’s site using another device with

1. Use a command prompt to change your password from the Windows login screen

How it works: Swaps the Utility Manager on your Windows login screen for a command prompt, from which you can change the forgotten password.

What it works on: Your offline Windows account. Doesn’t require extra software though an installation disc might be handy for the first step. Windows XP users can skip past step 3.

To put a command prompt on your login screen you’ll need to use a separate command prompt from your Windows installation disc, a recovery drive/partition or by accessing the ‘Advanced Startup Options’ some other way. After testing, nothing has been as reliable or easy as simply booting off a Windows disc/USB drive, which you can set up without having a license:

Window Account

Download Windows 10 – Setup instructions – Quick navigation: After booting off the installation media and reaching the first prompt for your language, region etc. you can simply hit Shift + F10 to make a command prompt appear. Access A Locked Window Account

2 Official Microsoft DaRT disk

How it works: Offers TechNet subscribers a “Locksmith” tool using the familiar Windows GUI to set a new password on the account(s) of your choosing.

What it works on: The DaRT version number typically matches the copy of Windows it works on (DaRT 10 is for Windows 10 etc.).

Based on the Windows Pre installation Environment, DaRT (Diagnostics and Recovery Tool set) is an official Microsoft utility suite that includes a registry editor, file explorer, crash analyzer as well as tools to restore files, repair disks, scan for viruses and more. Among them is a Window Accountstraightforward utility that should have a new password applied to your Windows account after a few clicks and may be less spooky than software such as Ophcrack.

3 Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (Chntpw)

How it works: Gives you a boot able environment outside of Windows to edit the password in your SAM file.

What it works on: The local account of any NT-based Windows operating system, which includes Windows 2000 through Windows 10 (excluding fully encrypted NTFS partitions).

This might be the most used password recovery tool considering it’s included with popular boot disks and Linux distros such as Hiren’s Boot CD, Kali Linux and Trinity

Window Account

Rescue, which calls its password tool “win pass” but it’s actually just a script that launches NT password/Chntpw.

4 Ophcrack LiveCD

How it works: Provides a bootable environment that uses LM hashes through rainbow tables to brute force your Windows password, which is provided once discovered.

What it works on: Windows (both local and Microsoft accounts), Linux and Mac OS X

Perhaps the second most notable password recovery tool and maybe the most memorable by name, Ophcrack will also require you to download an ISO and put it on a bootable disk or drive, though it uses different technology than Offline NT/Chntpw so it could make for a fantastic backup solution and may even be worth trying first.

Window Account

5 iSee Password

How it works: Provides a boot disk with a clean GUI that shows detected Windows users and their passwords along with the ability to reset them.

What it works on: Windows XP through 10 including Server editions etc. with separate tools for passwords on MS Office, iTunes, PDFs and RARs .Access A Locked Window Account

In the event that you’d like to pay for your mistake, iSee Password charges $30 for a “Password Recovery Bundle” that covers more than just Windows and although you’ll still have to make a boot able disc/drive to load the software, it will display everything you need in the first window that appears so there isn’t any navigation once you’re in — perhaps the only perk of going paid.

Window Account